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“Being able to cook is at the very heart of a healthy, happy life, but many people are missing out on learning this essential skill.” Jane Sixsmith, Director of Focus on Food

Overcoming health inequalities

More and more people in the UK are lacking the skills and knowledge they need to make healthy food choices. It’s no wonder the obesity epidemic is growing at an alarming rate. So we work within communities that need us most to help people of all ages learn and pass on knowledge about food, cooking and healthier lifestyles.

Ensuring every child learns to cook

Children deserve to be taught how to cook and the best place for this to happen in a progressive, structured way is within schools. After 15 years of campaigning for cooking in the curriculum, we strongly support government proposals to make cooking compulsory for 7-14 year olds from September 2014 and will support schools and teachers through the changes.

Supporting food teachers

We know that many primary teachers have not been trained to teach cooking and that teachers of all levels often want support when delivering cooking lessons. Our training visits leave teachers feeling inspired and in control, plus we o!er a range of recipes, resources and equipment to support cooking sessions.

Training cooking champions

We believe in the ‘train the trainer’ model, so we train cooking champions (teachers or community group leaders) alongside every school or community group session. Through this we leave a long-term legacy wherever we visit.

Inspiring careers in cooking

We inspire children and young people about food and cooking through our fantastic teachers and inspirational chefs. We offer many programmes such as Chefs of the Future to encourage teenagers to consider a career in cooking and offer apprenticeships and chef training through The Cooking School at Dean Clough.