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Cooking Leader Training
Skill up and pass it on

We believe in the train the trainer model. If we can train as many community leaders as possible to teach cooking effectively, then we will reach far more people through our work.

Our training programmes teach key people within communites basic cooking skills and then give them the skills and confidence they need to pass these on to others in their networks. We have trained community health workers, charity leaders, church group leaders, parents, homeless shelter workers, volunteers in food banks and many more.

Importantly, our flexible approach means that we adapt our training based on the needs of the trainees. So if we’re working with a group of volunteers in a food bank for example, we will ensure we cover recipes that make use of available food, reduce waste and are cheap to produce.

Here is an example of what our training sessions can cover:

  • Healthy and safety when cooking
  • Preparing set-outs
  • Teaching knife skills
  • Classroom management
  • Making and teaching a range of relevant recipes
  • Recipe and resources
  • Reducing obesity, managing diabetes and tackling wider health inequalities through cooking
  • Reducing food waste through cooking techniques
  • Advice on cooking facilities and equipment

To find out more about this training, email Jane Sixsmith at jane@focusonfood.org or call 01422 383191