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Inspiring Cooking Sessions
In communities and workplaces

Teaching cooking is all about sparking a passion, developing skills and helping people get to grips with healthy ingredients and recipes.

How do we do that? Through practical sessions that are !lled with good food, friendly, informative teaching and plenty of hands-on cooking.

We focus on developing core cooking skills (eg knife skills) and healthy recipes that are appropriate for the age, skills and needs of each group. We can also tailor sessions to speci!c local needs – from managing diabetes to cooking on a budget and curriculum linked sessions for schools.

Our cooking sessions can cater for any individuals or groups, including:

  • Early years, primary, secondary and SEN pupils
  • Students or youth groups
  • Workplace wellness programmes
  • Vulnerable individuals and troubled families
  • Disabled people
  • People suffering from obesity-related health problems
  • Health workers
  • New parents

We teach at the venue that suits you - whether that's on a Cooking Bus, at your school, in a community center or at The Cooking School at Dean Clough.

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To find out more or book sessions, contact Joanne@focusonfood.org or 01422 383191